London Love

Last Wednesday I returned home from a five day trip to London. It was my third visit to London and I seem to fall in love more with this city each time I visit. There is barely anything about the place that does not make my heart burst with joy, from the friendly and helpful Londoners to the stunning streets and buildings to the great atmosphere and (of course) the wide range of amazing food.

I love to plan my journeys and read a lot about the places I want to visit because that way I can get more out of it and besides it somehow prolongs my holiday as I am able to travel to the place before I am actually physically there. And restaurants and other eating places obviously have a big share in my holiday planning. I know it can be just as nice and I do love the spontaneity of incidentally stumbling upon a lovely place but to me there is also a lot to the anticipation when it comes to travelling.

For now I leave you with a few first impressions but I will be back soon with more pictures and details about the places I visited and the great food I enjoyed.

Next to Portobello Road Market

Long queues in front of Monmouth Coffee Company at Borough Market

Amazing cakes at Fernandez and Wells in Somerset House

Marylebone Farmers’ Market

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Cider at The Elk in the Woods

Notting Hill


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