about me

Welcome to cumint. It is a pleasure to have you visit. I am Nina, 21, and obsessed with foodblogs. I first started reading them on a regular basis one and a half years ago. I was supposed to study for my first exams at university at the time but looking at all those beautiful food pictures and studying recipes seemed like so much more fun. When my exams were finally all over, the word of foodblogs had me.

Since then hardly a day passes without me checking on all of my favorite ones. I started trying out the recipes that were most appealing  to me and it turned out that I like cooking from foodblog recipes a lot because bloggers usually involve their own experience and this makes it so much easier to succeed at a recipe. My first “foodblog recipe” ever that I made was this one, “bacon wrapped dates”, a combination of flavors to die for and yet so simple. It’s good they were such a success because that definetely encouraged me to go deeper into the world of foodblogs.

And the more time I spent on foodblogs, the more I was able to identify with other bloggers and I thought “Hey, this is exactly how I feel about this!” or “Me too!!” Let me give you a few examples:

  • Sara from “The Sprouted Kitchen” once wrote: “…believe me, toast and hummus work fine for me some nights.” 
  • Ashley from “Not Without Salt” said: “Although cake is what’s typically enjoyed on occassions such as birthdays, when given the choice I will always choose ice cream.” 
  • Lisa from “With Style and Grace” says about herself: “I go to bed every night excited for breakfast.”

These quotes are just a few examples of things I read that made my feel like I was not alone with what I love and how important natural foods are to me. I also realised that almost every foodblogger seems to love hummus and avocado, which made me smile every time because they are two of my favorite foods, but not very popular where I live.

Over the course of the last one and a half  years I made a lot of recipes from foodblogs and at some point I felt like I wanted to share what I had seen and cooked from together with a little of my own experience. It took some more time to finally take the plunge but:

Here I am. I can’t wait to get in touch with other FoodBloggers/Lovers and would love to hear from you! Please contact me by email, comment or Twitter.

London, Notting Hill


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