Chocolate-Apricot Clafoutis Cakes with Honey Drizzle

I found out about the “Turntable Kitchen” quite some time ago when someone featured the video to their first “Pairings Box” on their blog (I don’t remember which blog it was…). I loved the idea and wanted to subscribe immediately until I found out that the box wasn’t available overseas…

After that I somehow lost track of the blog and only came across it again a few weeks ago when I clicked on a link to one of their recipes. And again I couldn’t help but spending hours on the blog, drooling over recipes, looking at beautiful pictures and listening to good music. One of the recipes that particularly aroused my interest was one that featured apricots as apricots are among my favourite summer fruits. But they were not yet in season at the time… So I had to wait. Apricots are now in season and after having eaten a whole lot on its own, I grilled a few and enjoyed my mum’s compot for breakfast (with ice cream, one that is perfectly acceptable for breakfast, more about this in another post). Then I came across this recipe again yesterday and as we still had a few apricots, I decided to make it today. Here’s what I did:

Wet and dry ingredients are mixed separately

Wet ingredients are stirred into dry ingredients and mixed until a smooth batter forms

Dark chocolate chunks make their way into the batter…

The batter is poured into 6 well buttered muffin cups and topped off with an apricot half… and in the oven they go!

Nicely puffed after 25 minutes of baking

Ready to be devoured…

When I decided to make these little gems, I had an idea that were going to be really delicious… But when I took the first bite, I was sold. Imagine juicy jam-like apricots with melty chocolate… Heaven. Now hop over to the Turntable Kitchen and make these!


  • I used whole spelt four instead of all-purpose as I like its deep flavour paired with dark chocolate.
  • I reduced the amount of sugar and used Sucanat. Since honey is drizzled on top of the cakes prior to serving, 2 tablespoons of sugar made for enough sweetness in my opinion.