Plum Crumble

About two weeks ago I stumbled upon on a link on “Happyolk’s” facebook page, clicked on it and the word “Zürich” in the header immediately caught my eye. Being Swiss myself and not having come across many (or any?) Swiss foodblogs, I got really excited! The blog’s name is “House to Haus” and in the tagline it said “Greetings from Zürich, Switzerland” (not anymore, it has just been changed). Zürich happens to be the city where I go to university, so “she” (I couldn’t find out her name yet) apparently lives close to where I live. Then I clicked on “About” and found out that this was actually a blog of an Amercian expat living in Zürich. Another proof that (food)blogs haven’t yet really arrived here in Switzerland. Anyhow, I was really happy about my finding and even more so when I started going through the latest posts on “House to Haus“, “Happyolks” hadn’t promised too much saying “You’ll be  a forever fan”!

The latest post called “a zürich plum crumble” seemed particularly appealing since I love plums but they won’t be in season for much longer and so I decided to get some plums and give the recipe a go. It turned out really good, the crumble had a nice and crunchy crust from the mixture of oat flour and oats and the plums were soft and gooey, everything you’d want in a crumble. I didn’t have any cassis, so I left that out and it was still delicious. You can find the recipe here. Oh, and I served the crumble with this mascarpone ice cream, which I cannot recommend highly enough, it’s so easy to make and so good!